The rapid spread of COVID-19 is ravaging vulnerable urban communities throughout the world

Leadership Foundations, a global network of faith-based intermediary organizations, has stepped up to serve as a distribution and delivery system for investment to rapidly address the many needs produced by the crisis.

We need you to join with us to deliver life-saving care to those who need it most and help rebuild devastated communities.


Already Leadership Foundations has raised and redirected over $5.25 Million toward emergency Covid-19 relief. 

This means every single dollar you give to leadership Foundations covid-19 relief will be matched 1 1/2 times over!

Our Goal: $7.5 Million
$5.25 M raised 70%


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The Leadership Foundations network is doing a phenomenal job in helping meet the needs of the marginalized in this time of crisis.

As a Christ-centered network, Leadership Foundations is poised to help our most vulnerable communities with relief, recovery, and rehabilitation from COVID-19. Thank you for your critical support at this time.”

Rev. Dr. A.R. Bernard

Christian Cultural Center | Brooklyn, NY


Leadership Foundations are already meeting the critical needs of urban communities as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Check out some of the ways that our network is responding below.


Most frequent questions and answers
100% of all funds go directly to coordinate & provide food, shelter, childcare, sanitary and hygiene supplies, and financial assistance in urban communities served by the Leadership Foundations network. As intermediary organizations, local Leadership Foundations work with broad networks of churches, businesses, and nonprofits within local communities. This uniquely positions Leadership Foundations to serve as a distribution system to rapidly get resources to those who need them most. OUR LEADERSHIP FOUNDATIONS NETWORK  
Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation | Atlanta, Georgia
Yuvalok, Leadership Foundation | Bangalore, India
Billings Leadership Foundation | Billings, Montana
Towers of Hope |  Bloemfontein, South Africa
Congregación Leon de Juda | Boston, Massachusetts
Charleston Leadership Foundation | Charleston, South Carolina
Justice Journey Alliance | Chicago, Illinois
Dallas Leadership Foundation | Dallas, Texas
Miami Valley Leadership Foundation | Dayton, Ohio
Pillars of Promise | Des Moines, Iowa
The Center for Community Transformation | Fresno, California
Transform Scott County | Georgetown, Kentucky
GR Center for Community Transformation | Grand Rapids, Michigan
One by One Leadership Foundation | Immokalee, Florida
Jackson Leadership Foundation | Jackson, Mississippi
The First Coast Leadership Foundation | Jacksonville, Florida
Knoxville Leadership Foundation | Knoxville, Tennessee
The Root Cellar | Lewiston, Maine
Lexington Leadership Foundation | Lexington, Kentucky
Champions in Service | Los Angeles, California
Veritas Social Empowerment Inc. | Manila, Philippines
Memphis Leadership Foundation | Memphis, Tennessee
Urban Ventures | Minneapolis, Minnesota
Haiti Leadership Foundation | Mirebalais, Haiti
Center for Transforming Mission Kenya | Nairobi, Kenya
Catalyst | New Delhi, India
Philadelphia Leadership Foundation | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Vision | Philippi, West Virginia
Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Contingent | Portland, Oregon
Tshwane Leadership Foundation | Pretoria, South Africa
Salem Leadership Foundation | Salem, Oregon
Center for Transforming Mission Dominican Republic | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Savannah Leadership Foundation | Savannah, Georgia
Stockton Leadership Foundation | Stockton, California
Wilmington Leadership Foundation | Wilmington, North Carolina

Leadership Foundations is uniquely positioned to leverage investments aimed to address each phase of the COVID-19 crisis, based on four key assets:


Affiliates currently based in 40+ cities throughout the world, with 42 years of field-tested work


1,303 partner organizations and 19,900+ cross-sector meetings convened each year 


Active programming delivered in collaboration with community partners in 3 domain areas:

Connected Communities

Thriving Children & Youth

Economic Opportunity for All

These domains include services addressing the following areas of need:

Adult Education, Advocacy & Organizing, Capacity Building & Incubation, College Success, Economic Development, Academic Success, Emergency Aid, Environmental Health, Parenting, Food & Nutrition, Foster Care & Adoption, Gang Intervention, Health Care, Mentoring, Mobilizing Faith Communities, Prayer Ministry, Prisoner Reform/Re-entry, Spiritual Development, Workforce Development, and Youth Sports

While the COVID-19 pandemic is currently being experienced as a public health crisis, Leadership Foundations recognizes that the road back to thriving communities will take all of us working together, not competing for resources. Our network has begun a coordinated three-phase response in its 40+ locations throughout the world:


In many areas, basic needs are going unmet and are heightened by COVID-19—in places like Delhi, India where refugees are being forced from their homes, and in cities like Lexington, Kentucky where high rates of children living in poverty place them in even more vulnerable conditions. Our network is currently distributing food, medical supplies, expanding emergency shelter, and coordinating volunteers to meet these needs.


Many have experienced devastating effects from the pandemic. The LF network has already begun to help provide vulnerable groups with the necessary skills and assets to rebuild their lives. Our network is prepping for expansion of our workforce development and affordable housing efforts, given the huge task ahead of us.  


For our urban communities to reemerge from this crisis with resilience, we must provide vulnerable residents with the necessary skills and opportunities for lives of hope and promise. Leadership Foundations knows this will take communities where neighbor care for one another, that work together to build a strong fabric of trust and mutual support. That’s why all that Leadership Foundations does is in partnership and collaboration with others.

The damage wrought on vulnerable urban communities has created a series of crises, in addition to health concerns.

As social distancing and self-quarantines has become our new normal,  new economic challenges will be felt most acutely by those already in poverty.

Many workers are losing their jobs and many of those jobs are not coming back. For those that were already underskilled or underemployed, this is devastating!

The most vulnerable children are at an even greater disadvantage than prior to the crisis. Closed schools also mean that many children will not have access to healthy food.

For more than 40 years, Leadership Foundations has utlized its proven methods to bring about long-lasting change in cities:  engaging leaders of good faith and good will, building the capacity of others, and developing joint initiatives.

As the damage of the pandemic continues to be seen, we are expecting more than ever the need not only for vital services for those in need, but also the need to build more just, resilient, and trusting communities to provide long-term care for vulnerable individuals and families.

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