YuvaLok Leadership Foundation, Bangalore, India

Distributing Food to thousands of the most vulnerable families throughout Bangalore, India.

From President of the YuvaLok Leadership Foundation, Sam Rajshekhar

Dear Friends,

Yesterday morning we distributed 250 bags of food grains containing rice, wheat flour, cooking oil and lentils. The people who received these were mainly migrant construction workers from the Northern States of Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa.

Thus far we have reached out to thousands of families in Bangalore, Bhadravathi and Chamarajnagar. Below are a pictures of our distribution.

On Friday we reach out to another 250 families from the five Southern States. Each family will receive one bag on surrender of the token at the collection point.

Things might get worse here in the coming months as experts have said there will be a surge in poverty. 

Our plan is to distribute food grains to 1000 more families before the end of April. This package is for the families of the children who come to our schools. In fact a leading Corporate had asked us to work on a package to last each family for at least two months, the estimated cost is Rs.15 lakhs. They had approved our proposal, but all of a sudden they came under political pressure to donate all their CSR funds to the Prime Minister’s fund. 

I was hoping that the lockdown would be relaxed this week and our office would begin to function, but it is made even stricter. Let us continue to pray for each of these issues. I realised that we cannot be mere spectators of what’s going on, so in faith just plunged into the relief work.

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